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Our LED Filament Light bulbs are created to the very highest standard. All our products are rigorously tested and certified to meet all EU safety standard regulations of course, but we are also creating a premium product. Something above and beyond in quality, design and usability. You’d think this might mean premium prices but actually our prices are extremely competitive. And we also regularly have offers/promotions and free delivery.


Up until 2008 LED bulbs were pretty conventional. Back then, they were still incredibly energy efficient, but they used a flat chip technology that had limited flexibility and didn’t lend itself to many design options. There was some attempt to turn the chip into a tower shaped bulb, but frankly, they were kind of ugly and didn’t take off.

It seems there will always be a market for design features that appear historical, traditional or even vintage. We all delight in the look and feel of history, even as technology advances and we make use of the benefits that affords us.

  • Cue LED filament bulbs! Giving all the advantages of modern tech but able to transform that into multiple design forms, including the much yearned for classic incandescent bulb look of yesteryear.
  • This was achieved by C-O-C (chip on glass) which is a connecting a series of LED on a transparent substrate. Mostly glass, but even sometimes sapphire. Fancy huh? This clear substrate allows the uniform, even transmission of light dispersed from the bulb. Variations of yellow phosphor coats the filament, converting the blue LED light into the soft golden amber glow most associated with incandescent bulbs. There is unlimited potential to this fantastic new technology and stunning designs.

Here at LEDsupermarket we are exceptionally proud of our filament bulbs. If you visit our website you will find 6 shapes of premium quality bulbs, with the option of clear, frosted or gold tinted vintage style glass and a wide range of lumens and wattage. All with a full 2 year standard warranty and 25,000 hours of energy and penny saving light! What’s not to love?



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