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Grow your Savings

Grow your Savings




There are many reasons to love LED light bulbs, but top of our list at LED supermarket has to be the environmental benefits. LED’s can help all of us make a fantastic contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

Here’s our top 3 reasons to go eco with LED;

LED bulbs are energy efficient

LED bulbs are incredibly efficient, they run at least 80% efficiency, some up to 90%. 80-90% of the energy used by the LED light is converted directly to light energy and only 10-20% is lost as heat energy. Traditional bulbs are the opposite. They are very inefficient only managing to convert 20% of the energy into light with the rest lost as heat. (This is why incandescent bulbs are too hot to touch when on, but LED bulbs are comparatively cool). LED bulbs also require fewer watts to operate, because they simply transmit light better so they use less energy to achieve the same light. 25-50% less wattage than fluorescent bulbs even.

LED bulbs have a long life

LED’s can last for over 100,000 hours. That’s something like 11 years of typical household use! That’s twice that of a fluorescent bulb and a whopping twenty times that of a an old fashioned incandescent bulb. LED’s have no filament to burn out or break so they have incredible longevity. It’s hard to measure exactly how much better this is for the environment but think about how much less packaging and waste ends up in a landfill with one single bulb lasting over a decade… then there is the reduction in production and shipping costs. Plus LED’s are hardwearing. Traditional light bulbs are pretty fragile… are become significantly more fragile when they are turned on and off frequently, shortening their life span even more. LED’s have no such problem, you can flick them on and off as often as you want without shortening their life span.

LED’s are NOT toxic!

LED’s are clean, they don’t contain toxic chemicals, such a mercury, which is a common component of fluorescent strip lights. This means less damaging toxins seeping into the ground at landfills, in the years after your bulb has expired.

  • Jane Wright

    Reply April 26, 2018 2:09 pm

    I love the fact that these are non toxic in landfill and also as they last longer they will not be so wasteful anyway.. Keep up the good work.

    • Tomas

      Reply April 27, 2018 9:18 am

      Thank you Jane for the meaning full comment. Very much appreciate any feedback.

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