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Guide to buying LED light bulbs

Guide to buying LED light bulbs

In the not too distant past, LED bulbs were only found in clock radio displays, odd bits of technology but not much else. And then boom! Suddenly the technology became viable for the everyday household and proved to be an amazing step in reducing carbon emissions and reducing waste. There was recognition for the pivotal role that LED lighting could make in energy efficiency, so governments and industries around the world began to encourage the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficient products. Initially LED’s were very expensive, and whilst they were undoubtedly better for the environment, the cost savings would take a very long time to pay off. So there has always been a balancing act for the consumer between cost, value and concern for the environment.

LEDsupermarket thought we’d put together a quick guide to help you navigate your choices!


This handy calculator can help you quickly determine the efficiency and cost ratio of any bulb.


There are 4 main things to consider


Brightness = light output for LED’s is measured in Lumens

Watts = the amount of power consumed/energy efficiency

Colour temperature = warm or cool. We recommend warm white light for everyday home use and cool white for work areas (when you need to see clear contrast)


Cost = You need to work out how many lumens you get for how many watts… or in other words… how much bang, you get for your buck!


Because LED’s are so much more efficient at producing light than other bulbs it is better to refer to the lumens for an indication of the brightness of each bulb. Here’s a nifty chart to help you choose the right bulb


Incandescent Bulbs
Minimum Light Output
40 400-500
60 750-800
75  >1,100
100 1,600
150 2,600

The good news is that all the bulbs at LEDsupermarket are amongst the most efficient, most beautiful, and well priced.

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