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Join the Green Revolution!

Join the Green Revolution!

Here at we love to be part of the progressive team of businesses, inventors and designers working together to reduce carbon emissions. So we thought we’d write a series of blogs full of our favourite suggestions for how each of us can reduce our impact on climate change.


The way you get from A to B has a huge impact on carbon emissions but also, your health! Think about walking or biking for short distances as a super easy way to improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint.

Use public transport if possible or if not, try car sharing! Not only will it reduce your transport costs, but it can make your commute less stressful too! If you’re on a bus, train or sharing the driving, you will have more time to relax on your journey, read the news, grab a cuppa or flick off a few messages.

And next time you buy a new car, think about a more environmentally friendly option. Hybrid cars are increasingly common and electric cars may not be too far away.


Insulate and seal your home! Again, as with so many environmentally friendly options, this will also be friendly to your bank account! Insulating your home will really reduce your heating bills over time. Plus who doesn’t love to be cosy, warm and draft free?

Choose more energy efficient appliances. Kinder to the planet, and your purse. Bonus!

Think about solar. Just like LED lighting technology, solar tech has come on leaps and bounds. Many owners of solar panels receive payments from the grid for the energy they don’t use, so you can actually help provide renewable energy to others!

And of course, no home eco makeover would be complete without LED light bulbs which help to reduce your lighting energy usage massively. Not to mention that they can last over a decade, which helps reduce landfill waste too.

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