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LED lighting trends

LED lighting trends

Last week we took a moment to bask in the glory of the LED filament bulb (which understandably has become wildly popular). However, when the folks at LEDSupermarket gaze into our crystal ball, what trends do we see in the future of LED lighting?

Your home in a rainbow of colour

Because LED lighting technology can be harnessed to reflect the full RGB colour model spectrum, there is no limit to the colours you can use to light your home. The RGB spectrum uses additive light beams in delicate composition to achieve the full range of human perceived colour. It’s the same technology currently used in most TV’s, image scanner, video and digital cameras.

Smart lighting

Our homes are becoming more and more connected to smart technology and smart lighting is an extension of this movement. Usually controlled by your smartphone, smart lighting gives you wireless access to your home lighting environment, but also lets you set up automation so that your lighting effortlessly adjust to the seasons, and of course, your lifestyle. Imagine arriving home from work on a winter evening, one hand carrying a bag of shopping, the other keys and phone… but instead of juggling your load and trying to find your way in the dark.. smart lighting has taken care of that for you!

Functional lighting

LED lighting technology is always developing. Recent innovations in tiny lights and even tape lighting means that LED’s can increasingly be used to illuminate every nook and cranny of your home. Imagine no more digging about in the back of cupboards with a torch!

Health lighting

Increasing scientific research over the last 20 years have demonstrated the link between lighting and human wellbeing, especially in connection to sleep. LED lighting technology is developing to be able to mimic natural sunrise and sunset, so that gentle changes in lighting can help signal waking and sleeping times more naturally.

Indoor/outdoor flow

LED lamps and smart outdoor luminaire technology are advancing to offer a range of beautiful options to extend your use of outdoor living spaces. New and innovative choices to illuminate your garden and even highlight aspects of your garden architecture and design.

LED retro and vintage

We expect this trend to continue to grow, with so many period properties throughout the UK, there will almost certainly always be a demand for authentic and timeless design. We note that LED filament bulbs are particularly on-trend against the dramatic and darker coloured walls seen across the world of interior design.

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