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Reasons to switch to LED filament lights bulbs!

Reasons to switch to LED filament lights bulbs!

In our last blog we really laid out the ecological benefits of switching to LED’s and there really can be no dispute on that front! LED’s will help reduce your carbon footprint better than any other lighting option. But LED’s are no eco-one-trick-pony, here at we wanted to highlight some of the other reasons to switch.

LED filament bulbs are safe

Simply put, LED’s won’t burn your fingers! Because LED’s don’t waste lots of the energy they use emitting heat, they are never burning hot to touch. Safer for you and your kids (if you have one of those tikes who try and touch low level lamps). And if you have a habit of throwing scarves and fabric over lamps to create mood lighting, much less risk of fire.

More choice and more colour!

LED’s do not suffer from the limited range of colour and brightness spectrum that traditional light bulbs do. LED’s can emit a vast range of colour, hues and strength of light. You will be spoilt for choice.

Our bulbs are easy to fit

LED’s don’t require any particular conversion. They fit into all existing types of light fitting. Just swap them out like any other bulb.

Versatile solutions

Because LED’s are a cutting edge technology, they offer you so many possible applications and solutions. Streeting lighting, step lighting, garden lighting, up lighting, down lighting, cabinetry, spot lights, dimmers… in fact, if you can imagine it, there is probably a LED solution!

On trend design

Here at LEDsupermarket we love filament light bulbs and are so glad to see that they have become a much admired interior design feature. LED filament bulbs have the benefit of displaying beautiful intricacy but without needing to be shaded the way old fashioned bulbs did. The light they transmit is gentle on the eyes, and can be chosen at the right warmth, colour and shade preference. We have no doubt that because of the versatility offered by LED technology that they will continue to lead the interior design trends as the tech continues to adapt and evolve in a way that other lighting options, simply can’t.

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