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Where is the cutting edge?

Where is the cutting edge?

At we try to keep our finger on the pulse of creative innovations. We are interested in a few different areas; energy saving lifestyles, revolutionary technologies and of course lighting trends. When the new ideas and technologies come through, it’s difficult to predict which ones will be adopted and which ones will just fizzle out (hoverboards anyone?).

However, one of the biggest names in lighting technology anywhere in the world, is Shuji Nakamura. He is the original pioneer of LED technology, giving millions of homes globally the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. In fact, such was the significance of his work that he was awarded Nobel Prize in physics. For this reason, at LEDsupermarket, we are always keen to follow whatever else Shuji Nakamura is working on.

Whilst there are very few downsides to LED technology, there is undoubtedly always room for improvement and development. LED filament bulbs have really taken off so where is the future? For LED this area for growth is likely to be colour wavelengths. LED has been a predominantly blue wavelength light, which is very like natural daylight. However, Shuji Nakamura has been working to expand the blue wavelength of LED to produce a violet spectrum bulb. Instead of using Sapphire, the violet spectrum bulbs have the gallium nitride on a base of more gallium nitride, referred to as ‘GaN-on-GaN’. For those people that find that lighting can affect their sleep, this is going to be particularly beneficial as the violet light will have less effect on melatonin (the hormone that helps regulate sleep).

At the moment this new technology has been considered prohibitively expensive for many normal households, and only really introduced by big industries in expensive hotels and hospitals (where sleep is a major factor). However, this is definitely an area of interest and as the technology evolves, we hope that prices will come down for consumers.

So watch this space!

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